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We’re meeting the needs of nearly every person who visits us – 99% of our visitors rate our support as good or excellent. The range of our support and its flexibility to suit each individual is what makes Maggie’s work.

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Mental health and cancer

We offer a range of psychological support, including one-to-one sessions, workshops and Managing Stress courses. This support reduces anxiety and depression and increases self esteem for people with cancer, and helps people cope with a diagnosis. In 2018 our Psychologists supported people in nearly 15,500 sessions.


of visitors say we helped them feel less alone


of visitors had an improved ability to manage stress.


of visitors had an improved understanding of cancer.

How we help with money worries

Each of our centres has a specialist Benefits Advisor to give free financial help and support. In 2018 we provided more than 29,000 sessions of benefits advice to help people with money worries.


was claimed for our visitors in benefits with the help of our advice


of people we support said found out about benefits and how to apply


said they had an improved understanding of their own finances

Our buildings and gardens

All our centres are built around the understanding of how environment can affect wellbeing. Our buildings, interiors and gardens are carefully designed to help people with cancer feel relaxed, welcomed and more in control.


of visitors said access to a garden or green space was helpful


visits from healthcare professionals and architects in 2019 taught people about our approach


of visitors reported finding access to a quiet space was helpful

Relationships and cancer

We support individuals, couples and families to navigate the impact of cancer on their relationships. Every Maggie’s offers a safe place to express emotions, share experiences and the opportunity to talk to other people in a similar situation. Research shows that group support and sharing experiences can help improve people’s moods, quality of life and help develop hope and determination.


found meeting other people to be 'helpful' or 'very helpful'


of visitors say we helped them feel less alone


had an improved confidence with family and friends

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