Finishing treatment

The information on this page will help you to find out more about adjusting to life after cancer treatment and how can help.

Feelings after treatment

Despite looking forward to treatment finishing, it may only be when it does that the reality of what you've been through hits you emotionally.  

Many people find the time after treatment is more about finding a ‘new normal’ than going back to how life was before.

Find out more about managing emotionally after cancer treatment

    Finding a 'new normal' after treatment

    When you’ve finished treatment, there are a number of practical things you can do, to help move forward with day-to-day living:

    • Find out about follow-up appointments
      It can help to know how often your check-up appointments will be so you can plan around them
    • Know what's normal
      Ask your doctor what signs and symptoms to look out for, and who to contact if you're worried
    • Manage side effects
      These will vary depending on your type of cancer and treatment. Some will be short-term, others will last longer and some may be permanent. Find out more about managing symptoms and side effects
    • Manage worries about cancer returning
      It's normal to be worried about cancer coming back but there are lots of ways to help manage those difficult feelings
    • Plan your return to work or study
      Talk to your employer or tutor about how your return will be managed, including reducing your hours to start with
    • Get help with money worries
      If you're worried about money, there is help available. Talk to a Maggie’s Benefits Advisor at your nearest centre
    • Improve your fitness
      Gentle exercise can help with strength, energy levels and mood. Find an exercise class at your nearest centre
    • Eat well
      Good nutrition has lots of benefits when you are recovering from treatment 
    • Manage emotions
      There are many ways to deal with complex emotions after treatment
    • Tell people how you're feeling
      Let others know even though you've finished treatment it may take a while to regain your strength and confidence

    How can help

    We're here for you and your family and can help you after treatment in lots of ways:

    • Our Cancer Support Specialists in our centres can talk through concerns and guide you to the support that's right for you
    • Our Benefits Advisors can discuss money worries and help you claim what you're entitled to
    • Appointments with our psychologists to help manage difficult emotions
    • Relaxation and managing stress sessions
    • Eating well sessions with nutritional therapists
    • Exercise groups for all abilities including yoga, tai chi and walking
    • Our 'Where Now? Support beyond treatment' course can help your find your 'new normal'
    • Meeting others in similar situations round the kitchen tables in our centres

    You don’t need an appointment or referral, just come in.

    Last review: Oct 2021 | Next review: Oct 2022

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