Insurance and cancer

Having cancer can affect insurance policies.

This page gives information about insurance and cancer and how Maggie’s can help you and your family.

Getting insurance when you have cancer

Sorting out insurance can be more difficult during and after treatment for cancer.  

It's still possible to get insurance if you've been diagnosed with cancer but you will need to shop around as policies can be more expensive and can vary between companies. 

You must be honest with insurers and give them accurate information about your situation as it could affect any claim you may need to make in the future.

Be prepared for lots of questions from the insurer and prepare to provide supporting medical information. Many insurance companies will also ask for permission to contact your consultant or GP. 

You might want to consider using an independent insurance broker to help you find the right policy for you.

Existing insurance policies

Check your current insurance policies as some may include critical illness cover for you and your family that you can now claim.

It's important to let your insurer know about your cancer diagnosis, so they are aware of the changes. Insurance companies can refuse to pay any claims, even if they’re not cancer related, if you haven’t let them know. 

Make sure you don't miss renewal dates so you continue to be covered.

Types of insurance

Travel insurance

Travel insurance can help protect you against having to pay expensive medical bills when you're abroad.

Start looking as soon as you know you're going to need it as it can take a while to organise. 

Find out more about travel insurance and cancer

Motoring insurance

Your cancer and treatments can affect your ability to drive so it’s important to let your insurer know about it and follow medical advice regarding your ability to drive.

Find out more about driving when you have cancer

Life insurance

Your ability to get a new life insurance policy will be affected by your cancer diagnosis.

For many cancers, life insurance may still be available, although the premiums will be high. 

Often new policies won't be an option for at least two years following your recovery from cancer, but can then be reviewed.

How Maggie’s can help

It can feel overwhelming and you may feel upset having to repeat personal information.

Having to pay more for policies, at a time when you're likely to be earning less, can also be very stressful. 

Our cancer support specialists are here to talk things over and help you find the information that's right for you.

Ask our benefits advisors about financial help for you and your family, including worries about insurance.

Find your nearest centre for details of how to get in touch.

Last review: Dec 2021 | Next review: Dec 2022

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